Annual Auction

Our major fundraiser is our Fall Auction & Raffle. Each family is expected to raise a minimum of $200 per family through procured auction donations and raffle ticket sales.

SCA will also host various other smaller fundraisers each year. Your participation is expected and appreciated.

More detailed information for this year’s auction will be coming soon.


Simply clip the specified box top or label and send into the school. Little bits add up to great lots for the school.

Box Tops:

We earn money each year through the original Box Tops program by clipping 10¢ Box Tops coupons from hundreds of General Mills products and partnering brands, like Cheerios®, Betty Crocker®, Hefty®, Juicy Juice®, Ziploc®, Kleenex®, Huggies®, Pillsbury®, and many more!

Campbell’s Labels

Clip the UPC code from Campbell’s, Swanson, V-8, Prego & Franco-American products. Labels are sent in as a group to earn “points” towards educational materials such as: sports equipment, art supplies, computer software and more. 


Tuition & Enrollment fees charged to SCA families cover the basics: teacher salaries, curriculum and office supplies.  Additional funds are needed annually to update equipment and facilities and to cover additional operating costs. It is also our desire to assist families in financial need through financial aid and/or scholarships.

If you have benefited from your children or grandchildren attending SCA and would like to make a cash donation to SCA, you can send a check to

8909 E Bigelow Gulch Rd
Spokane, WA 99217

Or call 509-924-4888.

All donations are tax-deductible and you will get a giving statement at the end of the calendar year to use in processing your taxes.